Macarons: Attempt Two!

After my epic fail of a first attempt at macarons, I was determined to get it right. I knew what I had done wrong previously, so I just had to be patient and follow the recipe properly.

I decided to use a different recipe this time, since the last one I used said to only let them sit for 15 minutes, which I think is just not enough time. I found this recipe for 'the perfect macaron' on The Pink Whisk site and decided to roll with it.

I followed the recipe down to a tee. And they turned out perfect!

You should have seen Carly and I sit right next to the oven watching them bake. :'D We were so excited!

Due to my love of lemon, I decided to fill them with some sweet lemon curd. Since the curd has quite a strong flavour, I thought it best to leave the macaron shells as just the basic plain flavour and colour them with some Wilton Golden Yellow.

It was fairly late at night when I made these and I was too lazy to make my own lemon curd up so I used the Barkers Lemon Curd that I had in the fridge to fill them. SO YUM!

These were my first successful attempt at making my own macarons; Lemon Curd Macarons. I cannot wait to try out some new flavours, especially now that I have my new Macaron recipe book that Aishia got me for my birthday! :D

Hope you all like them!


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