Macarons: Attempt One.

My macaron obsession has gotten a little out of hand lately. I'm sure my Tumblr followers can tell you that.

I've been wanting to try bake some myself for ages and finally attempted to do so the other day. I used a plain pink macaron recipe from the Woman's Weekly Cupcakes Cheesecakes and Cookies book.

What an epic fail.

I did far too many things wrong so I knew as I was making them that they weren't going to work out well. I didn't even bother making ganache to sandwich them with. They taste alright though!

At least I know what things I did wrong so that I won't make those mistakes on my next attempt! Although I have no idea how to fix the whole colour thing... they just completely lost their colour on the outside while they were in the oven.

Will have to do more research me thinks. More attempts to come!


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