I'm sure every Friday I say that the week has been really long. This week was no exception. Work was average and for some reason I felt more tired than ever. Literally felt like I was falling asleep at my desk. Zzzzz...

I won't be getting any good sleep ins this weekend either because tomorrow morning I'll be traveling to Taupo and staying there the night for my friends wedding. So excited! Very keen to see what they've done for decorations, favours, cake, outfits. Pretty much all of it haha. I'll be taking lots of photos hopefully.

This is the bride-to-be, my friend Anneka and myself at the hens party last weekend. FUN TIMES!

So so so behind in blogging. I have a giant list of posts to do that I'm getting no where with. I did however just finish up the order of service for a work friend for her wedding so now that that is done it should free up some of my evenings to blog and such.

SO MUCH TO DO. I should also maybe start thinking about how far I'd like to go with this blog, my wedding/event designing and baking. I could probably make some big decisions but I'll put that off for as long as I can. :P

Have a good weekend everyone and I hope you enjoy these awesome finds/links!

  1. I really want to make some of these DIY Pantone chip magnets!
  2. Melody from Sweet & Saucy has created some amazing dessert tables, made so many delectable treats and sells some awesome cake stands!
  3. Just fell in love with this font. Pity it's pretty expensive.
  4. Gorgeous papercut wedding invitations from Woodland Papercuts.
  5. Such a pretty silver feather necklace.


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