One of my favourite bloggers, Rachel of Heart of Light, does a Friday Flowers post every week and it inspired me to do something similar. I'm a little to crap at keeping up to date with things so my flowers posts won't be on any particular days, just randomly, when I feel like it, when I've got some flowers to show.

For Christmas I got two awesome vases (because I asked for them haha!) so I plan on utilising them as much as I can.

The first flowers I decided to get were of course, my favourite flower, the gerbera. I went with some pretty pink ones and they were super cute!

I did however make the mistake of trimming the stems after a few days, which led them to droop and the stems seemed to disintegrate. Not sure why but I won't be trimming stems ever again. Lesson learnt!

So glad I got some vases. Flowers make me cheerful! :P


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