When the flowers bloom.

I am far too slow at blogging. Really need to get on top of that...

Especially since these flowers (below) died a few days ago and have since been thrown out! And I have a new bunch of flowers (compliments of my boyfriend on Valentines Day) sitting on my desk. But look at how pretty they were when they were at their prime!

I believe they are pink and white tulips. When I got them home and put them in the vase I realised that one of them had a little baby growing on it. So cute!

I intend to do more blogging tonight, or at least get the ball rolling because I have a heap of fun things to blog that I've been so slack at posting. Just need to do a bit of photo editing, then do the write-ups.

I've got a travel/journey inspired wedding invitation, a beach themed wedding invitation and a baby shower invitation to show you, all of which I designed! Hope you like them!

Also got some heart cookie pops I made for Valentines Day and my second attempt at macarons to post about! Very excited to show you guys those. I just need my boyfriend to return home so I can borrow his flash to get some better photos. :P

I sent off my third wedding invitation artwork to the letterpress place today. Can't wait to see it finished! It had some stunning calligraphy on it, all of which I will blog about when I get my final printed copy back.

As well as finishing that invite up today, I got a grommet put in my ear. A bit random, I know. Adults don't usually get glue ear but my health is so ridiculous that it decided to block my ear up. Since I will be going to Australia in 11 days I needed to get a grommet put in before the flight so that I won't be in a ludicrous amount of pain.

The entire procedure was horrible. My ENT specialist is great, but man, I was not prepared for that pain/discomfort. He said that putting the first injection of anesthetic would be the worst part, but it wasn't. When he made the incision in my ear drum it was awful. It was so hard to tell if I was in pain or if it was just major discomfort from the pressure. He tried to put the grommet in but the incision was too small so that hurt like crazy! He made the incision bigger and then got the grommet in fine. But boy, was that an ordeal. I cried. Yep. Bit of a baby... haha.

Fingers crossed it feels fine in the morning and actually helps with the equalizing on the flight. Wish me luck!

P.S. I've added a labels list down the right hand side of my blog to make it easier for people to look through particular things, like just cupcakes, or just graphic design, etc.


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