A beach bach wedding invitation.

I've finally managed to keep a blog post goal! I promised to have a wedding invite post up this weekend and here it is! ...Even if it is an hour till it's Monday.... Slowly getting the hang of this blogging business hehe.

So, shortly after Michelle (the bride who I did the passport wedding invitation for) had sent out her invitations, she started getting some great feedback. Everyone seemed to really love them and she asked me if I wanted more wedding invitation design jobs. I jumped at the chance, as I want to bulk up my portfolio.

Michelle's bridesmaid, Stacey, was getting married extremely soon and wanted a simple invitation made up asap. The wedding venue was their family bach, so naturally the theme became the beach.

The green and silver colour palette was chosen because Stacey's dress was to be silver and the bach is painted green. I complimented them with blue tint version of the green and a navy blue. Yummy!

I found a silver card in Gordon Harris which worked perfectly with the green. When the green was printed over the silver it had a really gorgeous sheen to it. I paired that up with a matching silver envelope and silver washi tape to close it up (the washi tape turned out to be the exact same silver too!).

I used a pair of starfish as the main feature of the design, as they will be having starfish and shells on/around their wedding cake and as decorations.

The back of the invitation I kept silver and it carried the accommodation and gift information, as well as a location map that I created. I used a little starfish to mark the spot of the venue.

Stacey sourced some bunny tail grass - such a classic NZ beach feature - and attached them to the invite with a bow of raffia. Looked really great!

It all came together quite quickly but I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I think the green colour on the silver card is what made it for me! Hope you all like it!


Kristina - Wedding Photographer in Connecticut said...

Wow! That wedding invitation is really beautiful and unique. I so like it! Thanks for sharing this to us.

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