This pen is always by my side.

A few weeks ago I got given my late birthday present from my wonderful friend Jessamy. It contained some Nerds (YUM!!) and a fabulous book called Where's Willy? - a rude take-off on the book Where's Wally? :'D I laughed rather loudly when I first saw it.

What I really loved about my gift however, was the amazing card that came with it. Jess's sisterAlyssa is an awesome illustrator and animator, so Jess had Alyssa draw a little illustration of me with a cupcake! She's so talented and has a really unique illustration style. LOVES IT!

It even has my sweet square jaw! Haha! Wish I owned that dress though, super cute!

If you want to see more of Alyssa's illustrations and animations you can check out her deviantART page.


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