Miche and Steve say 'I do'.

Check out the amazing stop motion movie of my co-worker Michelle and her new hubby Steve's wedding day. So super cute!

The passport wedding invitation that I designed for them (you can see the full post about the invitation here) features at the start of the movie. It's doing a fun little dance. Hehe.

Michelle looked absolutely stunning and her dress was gorgeous! She got it made so that the bottom half came off and it turned into a sweet cocktail version of her wedding dress. AWESOME!

My friends Si and Soph of Bayly & Moore did the fantastic photography. They are the kings/queens of stop motion. You should check them out. If you're getting married in New Zealand you should definitely consider them for your wedding photography, they're the best!

Cannot wait to see the photos from their special day!

P.S. The song playing on this video is Love Love Love by Avalanche City


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