A hoot of a baby shower.

My best friend, Brit, became an aunty yesterday. Her wonderful little sister, Kelsie, had a sweet baby girl named Sophia Rose. Such a cute name.

Ages ago (not sure why I'm only just getting around to posting this now, I have serious delays in posting things sometimes...) I made up some baby shower invitations to help Brit organize Kelsie's baby shower.

They knew that baby was going to be a girl and Kelsie hates the colour pink - so purple it was! Cute little owls became the theme of the invitation.

There wasn't enough time when I originally made these to make up custom envelopes (they're pretty fiddly, and Brit had already sourced some perfect white ones from her work) but I thought I would make one up for my own portfolio copy anyway.

I made the inside of the envelope match the purple striped border on the invitation. I also made up some little owl stickers to go on the envelopes, which Brit got copies of to go on her envelopes too.

They made a list of gift ideas for the baby which I put on the back of the invitation - gift lists are so handy! And a special mention of 'no pink please' was noted as well.

Love how the invite turned out in the end - I might be a little biased because I love owls and I love purple. :P

I also made a matching paper bunting for the shower. Stealing one of Brit's photos (you can see more photos of the shower here)...

How cool is that massive mug bowl?! I think it was full of candy. YUM.


AmyLynn said...

This is so thoughtful, creative, and SUPER CUTE!

I absolutely love the font and the owl designs.

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