I'll eat you up.

Sometimes work gets busy. This week was one of those weeks and next week will be no different. It's nice to be busy though. I prefer it over being bored.

I've got no plans whatsoever for the weekend. Perfect! Hopefully I'll be able to catch up on some work I've got to do at home. And maybe do some baking! Looking forward to sleeping in... Zzzzz.

What are you all up to this fine weekend?

  1. These cookies and cream cheesecake bars sounds crazy delicious. Popping that one on the list of recipes to try.
  2. I love this DIY chocolate bar label! You can download their printables, or just design your own for a wedding or party. Totally going to do this, just need to find a reason why!
  3. Wish I had some sweet illustration skills like Alyssa Nassner has. Her work just such character to it. Definitely check out her cute 'sewing sentiments' series.
  4. I think everyone needs this How To Cook Breakfast print - partly because it's hilarious and partly because of the awesome typography design.
  5. The cakes from this amazing wedding look far too pretty to eat. Ruffles!


Vanessa said...

I love the ruffle cakes! Pretty!!!!!

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