Ever so sweet.

Well over a year ago, The Inspired Bride posted this awesome dessert buffet save the date DIY which I downloaded immediately.

Not long after downloading it my mother's birthday came around, right when I was extremely busy, so I edited this save the date to become a birthday card!

I used one of the cupcake designs to make a little note inside the card with some lyrics from a song that I love - 'Ever So Sweet' by The Early November - which I though fit nicely with the dessert table / baking theme.

I made a matching DIY envelope for the card, as well as a matching address label.

The design worked great as a birthday card. I thought about changing the colours but I actually really liked that minty green / teal colour and it went so well with the brown so I left it as it was.

Free printables are fantastic and I download every one I come across in case I can use it for something later on. I might have a go at designing some of my own and putting them up for download sometime soon!


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