It seems like all of my workshop wishes are coming true.

First, the Calligraphy for Designers workshop popped up last month. And now, after far too many wishes for a letterpress workshop to be in Auckland, one pops up!

I'm actually mad at myself for not looking hard enough the first time when searching for Auckland-based letterpress studios. Just a few weeks ago I stumbled upon the GTO Printers website again and noticed they had a little button called 'Workshops'. Why, oh why had I not seen this when I looked at this website last year?!

I emailed Graham, the studio owner, instantly (it happened to be 11.47pm at the time) enquiring as to when he might hold another one. He replied in the morning to tell me he was planning two for this June! I couldn't believe my luck!

Next Monday - Queens Birthday, so it's a long weekend - I will be spending the day at the letterpress workshop! I cannot wait to get my first taste of using a press. I'm going into this knowing pretty much nothing at all so it should hopefully be a real eye-opener, and I will see if it's something I'd like to pursue further in the future. Eeee!

Images above are from GTO Printers' previous workshop.


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