Beautiful you.

I never used to wear jewellery when I was younger but recently I've started to love wearing necklaces, and sometimes the odd ring if I like it enough (and if it fits - stupid giant knuckles!).

I came across the Beautiful You store on Felt (which is sort of like New Zealand's version of Etsy) a few weeks ago and HAD to buy a few things.

I've wanted an octopus necklace for a while now so that was the first on my list. Then I made a list of about 6 others that I wanted and decided I should really cull it back and ended up adding the wishbone necklace to my cart.

Then I found these cute cream flower studs and decided that those were a necessity also.

And while I was at it I thought I'd see if any of my friends wanted to add to my order (save on shipping and all that!). Brit decided on the tea party necklace and Jessamy decided on the rawr means I love you in dinosaur necklace. So cute!

I might do another order and grab the swooping bird, mixtape and origami crane necklaces... one day...


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