Sick, sick, sick.

This post is laaaaaaaate. My fault. Sort of.

You see, last week at work was crazy. Aishia and I ended up working about 50 hours each in 4ish days. Not cool. One night we didn't leave the office till about 1am and then had to go back at 8.30am again. Booooo. Don't you just love those jobs that escalate and take over everything in your life? NOT. Ah well. It's all over now. Yay!

I took Friday afternoon off, had a nice lunch with some girls from work and then had a celebratory cocktail with Aishia at Monsoon Poon. Then I thought I better get to the doctor (which I had to put off for weeks due to work being so busy). Little did I know, the nurses there decided to give me the works. This included the flu vaccine. I've had it before and all it did was give me a sore arm for a few days and I didn't get a cold or flu all year! However, I failed to think about the fact that I was extremely run down and that my immunity being so low at the time might mean that I would get sick from the jab.

By the end of Friday night my arm was killing me, I was so freaking tired and I was starting to feel pretty icky. It's now Monday night and I've probably only been awake a good 25 hours in the past three days. And yet I'm still yawning like crazy! It hasn't been the funnest of weekends...

Anyway... That's why this post is horribly late. It's taken me so long to do as well because my eyes really struggle with staring at the computer screen. No idea how I'm going to cope going back to work and having to stare at a computer for 8 hours a day. I'm sure I will survive.

Currently listening to: Taylor Swift - Speak Now
I cannot get enough of this album. I wish she would come to New Zealand!

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