Calligraphy For Designers.

Calligraphy is something I've always wanted to be able to do. I remember looking at the pens, nibs and ink at my old work (an art supplies store) and wishing I could use them. I'm not sure why I never just tried... I guess I had no pressing need to so I never bothered.

Since I've become more interested in wedding stationery, I've noticed how much an invitation design can benefit from fantastic custom calligraphy. So when Design Assembly sent out an email about a class called 'Calligraphy For Designers' I jumped at the chance to sign up.

We've been learning the basics of calligraphy; the different tools of the trade, the techniques and the styles.

It's hard to deviate from your own personal handwriting at times. I have trouble with the width of my letters because my normal handwriting is quite wide. But I'm learning. I'm not at all comfortable with capital letters yet either. Maybe it's just the font we are working with - a basic italic - but I just cannot get the hang of them. With more practice hopefully I will improve.

Tomorrow evening is my final class. I'm excited but also a bit sad about this. It's been fun going to classes again, having homework, etc. I'm hoping that the teacher, Peter Gilderdale, does another course to follow on from this basics one.

Anyway... I'll post some more once I've gotten more of my own style down! Hopefully I can use these skills in some wedding stationery designs and more!


Brit said...

You win at life! (And calligraphy!)

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