My heart is out at sea.

The weather isn't looking too great for this long weekend. Not that I intended on spending much time outdoors...

Tomorrow I will be on the hunt for a pointed calligraphy nib and I might hit up Dizengoff Cafe as I have been meaning to try the macarons they sell there for a while. Looking forward to it, even if I'll be spending the day alone. Then letterpress workshop on Monday! Woop!

Currently listening to: You Me At Six - Always Attract
I cannot get enough of this song. Got it on repeat at the moment. I love Josh's sisters voice!

Looking through my usual billion blogs I check weekly I have noticed that far too many of the bloggers and studios I follow are lucky enough to attend the National Stationery Show. You'll never understand just how jealous I am of them all. If I ever get to New York, I will make sure I go in May so that I can make it to this event!

So, as I am inspired by some amazing stationery, here are your links for the weekend!

P.S. The word stationery is often confused with stationary. See this cute post for further information.

  1. Neon colours used in letterpress may just be my new favourite. Fig.2 Design has pulled this off well!
  2. The gold foiling on Rifle Paper Co.'s new 'Hello' card collection is stunning. Looks like it was hand painted on!
  3. Avie Designs have put out a new range of wedding invitations, one of which is this amazing paper cut design that is based on Avis's own wedding invitation.
  4. Loving the style of these wedding invitations from Studio SloMo. Nice classic colours and look.
  5. A birthday card you can colour in? Love it! The 100 flames are blind embossed so you can colour in as many candles as the birthday number, perfect!
  6. Dingbat Press put together this fantastic post about their experience at the NSS from beginning to end. They've even put up all of their costs involved in setting up their showcase area. Great for those thinking of getting involved.


Anonymous said...

It really bothers me that they spelled Nuptials wrong....that's a pretty big thing.

Danelle Bourgeois said...

Oh snap! Didn't even notice that. That IS annoying!

Vanessa said...

UGH I cannot wait until the day when we can go and enjoy macarons TOGETHER and go to a letterpress workshop TOGETHER! haha

Danelle Bourgeois said...

Vanessa - That sounds like the BEST! I cannot wait also!

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