Exciting times!

Sorry about the scarce posts at the moment. I've started to work on moving my blog to Wordpress and making more of a portfolio style site so I'm trying to hold off on the posts till I get it up and running.

I have a few fun posts lined up for when it's all sorted, like my experience at the letterpress workshop, some baking adventures and a letterpress wedding invitation. Here's a sneak peak of something we worked on at the letterpress workshop. It was so much fun!

Hopefully after tomorrow's links post the next time I will be in touch is when my new blog/site is all go! Eeee!


Anonymous said...

Hi :) Stumbled upon your blog, was just wondering where this letterpress was?!

Danelle Bourgeois said...

Hello! GTO Printers is in Birkenhead in Auckland, NZ.

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