Happy Belated Halloween!

I'm super late in posting this. Nearly 2 months late! Oops!

I wanted to do some fun Halloween themed cupcakes, nothing too fancy but I had the look in mind that I wanted. I made Vanilla Cupcakes and coloured them bright orange. I used this recipe minus the chocolate chips.

I used my Cream Cheese Frosting and whitened it a bit, to get rid of the yellow tinge the butter and cream cheese give it. I piped them and then sprinkled some orange candy-coated chocolate drops on top.

They turned out exactly how I wanted them! And the black and white striped cupcake papers were perfect! The little orange chocolate drops looked like little horns coming out of the frosting. Hehehe.

While I did the cupcakes, Carly made some chocolate sugar cookies in the shape of bats, pumpkins and ghosts. She used royal icing on them, which really needed to be made thinner so that we could do outlines and flood them. Now I know not to do that again!

I'll be making some of my own chocolate sugar cookies (actually I'm making them whilst writing this for my Christmas dessert table project!) so I will post the recipe for those soon.

Carly also did some chocolate covered strawberries with little scary faces on them, using the white royal icing. So cute!

So that's our awesome Halloween mini dessert table! Hope you like it!


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